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Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Signing a bottle of our sauce at a BBQ Institute™ Class in Sacramento, CA

Barbecue Meats etc.

How to BBQ Pork Ribs

Championship Winning Ribs

BBQ Baby Back Ribs in a Rib Rack
How To Barbecue
Baby Back Ribs

Spare Ribs on the Kettle
How To Barbecue Spare Ribs

Learn How to St. Louis Trim Spare Ribs

How to BBQ Ribs

St. Louis Trim Spare Ribs and Rib Tips
How to Barbeque Ribs

Award Winning Ribs at the American Royal Invitational

How to Barbecue Ribs

Baby Back or Loin Back Ribs are inside of the Loin

How to BBQ Pork Butt

Sauced BBQ Pork Spare Ribs

How to BBQ Spare Ribs

Sauced BBQ Pork Spare Rib Tips
How to BBQ Rib Tips
How to BBQ Chicken

Smoke Roasted
Butterfly a.k.a.
Spatchcock Chicken
How to BBQ Chicken

Award Winning BBQ Chicken
How To Barbecue Chicken

Impress Friends and Family
w/ BBQ Man
How to Barbecue Chicken School

Smoked BBQ Chicken Thighs
Learn to Barbecue
Seattle Cooking School


Championship Winning BBQ Chicken

Experienced BBQ Caterers

Rubbed and read to cook Barbecue Chicken
How to Barbeque

Whole Chickens
ready to smoke
How to BBQ Chicken
How to BBQ Pork Shoulder a.k.a. Pork Butt

Pork Shoulder
Smoked in a Kettle
with Indirect Heat
How to BBQ Pork Shoulder

BBQ Pork Shoulder
a.k.a. Pork Butts

Ready top Pull
How To Barbecue Pork Shoulder

Pork Shoulder which is shredded in to Barbecued Pulled Pork
How To Barbecue Pork Butt

BBQ Pork Butt
Barbecue Pork Butt
Barbecue Pork Shoulder

Whole Hog
BBQ Expert
How to BBQ Pork

Whole Hog
How to Barbecue Pork

Fast Eddy FEC100 Pellet Smoker Loaded with Butts
How to cook BBQ Pellet smoker

BBQ Pulled Pork
How To Barbecue Pork Butt
How to BBQ Beef Brisket, Beef Chock Roll & Other Cuts Beef

How to cook smoked Beef Brisket

25lb BBQ Beef Chuck Roll
How to BBQ Chuck Roll

BBQ Beef Brisket
1st Place
Championship Winning
How To Barbecue Brisket

Smoker full Brisket
How to BBQ Brisket

Ribeye Steak
Grilling Secrets
How to BBQ Misc. Pictures

Fresh Smoked Salmon
Seattle's Pike Place Market
Grand Champions &
1st Place Salmon
Seattle's Best Salmon

World Famous BBQ
As Seen on TV
Barbecue Experts

World Famous Barbecue
As Seen on TV
Barbeque Experts

BBQ Whole Hog
Barbeque Whole Pig
Whole Hog BBQ Class

BBQ Chicken
with Smoke Roasted Veggies
How to Cook Impressive BBQ

Carnivores Welcome
How to Cook Great BBQ

Monster Shrimp on Monster Barbi
How to cook Shrimp on the Barbi

Peach Cobbler
How to Bake Peach Cobbler on a grill

Atomic Buffalo Turds
How to BBQ Atomic Buffalo Turds

Stuffed Jalapeños
How to BBQ Stuffed Jalapeños

How to BBQ Ribs and fixin's for hungry Hummer drivers

How to cook Chili and Cornbread in a cast iron skillet

Click for Larger Image
Veggies for Fire Roasted Salsa
& Chicken Buffalo Legs

BBQ Catering Experts

BBQ Catering Consultants

BBQ Mama

How to Hold BBQ
& have it taste great

BBQ Sides

Lunch for 300 Troops

Lunch for 5,000 Troops

Commercial Smokers
running silently on inverters

Montana's Best BBQ
BBQ Hot Wings
HOT Wing & Rib Glaze

How to BBQ Whole Hog
How to BBQ Whole Pig
How to cook whole hog

Washington's Best BBQ

Barbecue Classes 
2010 BBQ School Classes coming to Texas
Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Amarillo

Smoking Chicken
Texas BBQ School

Offset BBQ Pit
Texas BBQ Class

Elgin Texas Sausage
Texas Barbecue Class

Peeling Ribs
Texas Barbeque Class

BBQ Pork Loin
Texas Barbeque School

BBQ Pulled Pork
Texas Barbecue School

School Lunch
Austin Texas BBQ

Barbecue Student
Austin BBQ Class

Southside Market
Elgin Texas Barbecue

Meyers Sausage Co
Elgin Texas BBQ

Houston BBQ Pit
Texas Barbecue School

Dallas BBQ Class
Dallas BBQ School

Austin Texas Class
Texas BBQ School

Happy Student
Texas Barbeque Class

Burbank BBQ Class
Group Picture

Kennewick, WA, BBQ
BBQ Class

BBQ Institute™
Konrad Haskins

Pork Shoulder (Butts)
Big Green Egg

BBQ Chicken Halves
Big Green Egg

BBQ Pork Loin

Barbecue School
Trimming Ribs

Barbeque School
Preparing Ribs

BBQ School
Smoking Ribs

Texas Barbecue Class
Student Buffet
Burbank BBQ Class Cooking Brisket from BBQ Teacher
Burbank BBQ Class
Cooking Brisket
from BBQ Teacher

Burbank Barbeque Class
Some Leftovers for
Doggie Bags
Burbank Barbecue Class Preparing Tri-Tip from Barbeque Teacher
Burbank Barbecue Class
Preparing Tri-Tip
from Barbeque Teacher
Los Angeles BBQ Class Putting Rub on Chicken from Barbecue Teacher Teacher
Los Angeles BBQ Class
Putting Rub on Chicken
from Barbecue Teacher

LA Area BBQ Class
Smoking Baby Backs
bbq info

Grand Champion
Konrad Haskins
BBQ Institute™ Instructor

Trimming BBQ Beef Brisket

Proper Knife Sharpening & Maintenance

Whole BBQ Top Sirloin Tastes like
Prime Rib

Sampling the Barbecue Beef Sirloin

Prepping Butterfly Chicken

Learning how to Trim and Peel Ribs

Charcoal Basket
The BBQ Secret to
Low and Slow
in an Offset

Water Pan as
Heat Diffuser

The BBQ Secret to
Low and Slow in
small Offset

Pizza Stone as
Heat Diffuser

The BBQ Secret to
Low and Slow in small Offset

Mastering the Gas Grill
1st Place Chicken Wings
How to BBQ Wings

Seattle & Pike Place Market

We were the first ever Pike Place Market BBQ Grand Champions including 1st Place Salmon
(note the original Starbucks logo, the original store is at the market)

Barbecue Competitions
DANGER! BBQ competitions are addictive DANGER!

Few Trophies
Konrad & Phyllis Haskins
The Barbecue Institute Instructors

"Best New Cook of the Year Trophy"

How To BBQ Cooking School

Few of our Ribbons
How to Barbecue Cooking Schools

Big Chill
Lake Tahoe

Reserve Grand Champions
How to Barbeque Cooking Classes

Montana State BBQ Champions 2002 & 2003

How To Barbecue Cooking School

'03 Nebraska State Barbecue Champions
Championship Winning BBQ

Nebraska State BBQ Champions 2003
Award Winning BBQ

Pike Place Market Overall
Grand Champions
1st Place Salmon
2nd Place Sausage
Seattle's Best Barbecue School

American Royal
Kansas City
The BBQ Institute™

Jack Daniel's
World Championship BBQ
(Invitation Only)
As seen on the Food Network

Jack Daniel's
Food TV Interview

As Seen on Food TV BBQ Special

Jack Daniel's
Cooking Thru Night
As Seen on Food TV Barbecue Special

2003 Big Chill
Lake Tahoe NV
Reserve Grand Champions
Hi Altitude BBQ

Big Chill
Lake Tahoe NV
Reserve Grand Champions

Featured in the Award Winning Documentary
Inside The World of Championship Barbecue
The BBQ Institute™ Instructors


Small Business Excellence Award
Seattle's Best BBQ School

Pike Place Market
Grand Champions
Seattle BBQ School

Nebraska BBQ
Grand Champions

River City Roundup
Barbecue School

Konrad & Phyllis Haskins Instructors
 The Barbecue Institute


We Saw
We Wanted
We Took Home

How To Barbeque Cooking Schools

One of our students
Now a Grand Champion
How To Barbeque Cooking School

Jack Daniel's 2003

Invitation Only
World BBQ Championship
How To BBQ Class

Jack Daniel's 2002

Invitation Only
World Barbecue Championship
As seen on FoodTV

Montana State Barbecue Champions 2003

How To BBQ Cooking Schools

"Best New Cook Award"
How To BBQ Classes

First Reserve Grand Champion
How To Barbecue Class

Konrad & Phyllis Haskins with dessert Princess Amelia
How To Barbeque Cooking Class

Redhook Brewery
2 Years in a Row
The Barbeque Institute
How to Barbecue Cooking Classes

Jack Daniel's BBQ
Feeding the Crowd
 How To Barbecue Cooking Class

Jack Daniel's Barbeque
Lynchburg TN
How To BBQ Cooking Classes

What it's All About
How To BBQ Cooking Class

Pit Master
How to Barbeque Classes

Montana State Barbecue Champions 2002
How To Barbeque Class from Barbeque Expert

Konrad "Teddy Bear" Haskins with Dessert Champion Amelia
How to Barbecue Classes
from Barbeque Expert

Dutch Oven Cooking Classes

Dutch Oven Class
with Cee Dub
Biscuits & Gravy

Dutch Oven Cooking
with Cee Dub

Dutch Oven
Cooking Class

Home Made Hash
and Wide Eyes

Dutch Oven School

Dutch Oven Bottom
Briquette Placement

Dutch Oven Top
Briquette Placement

Dutch Oven
Pecan Pie Baked

Dutch Oven
Pecan Pie Unbaked

Dutch Oven
Crab Rockefeller

Dutch Oven Lunch
Crab Rockefeller
Tamale Pie

Dutch Oven Breakfast
Italian Breakfast Frittata
Home Made Hash and Wide Eyes & Baked Oatmeal

Dutch Oven
Italian Breakfast Frittata

Dutch Oven
White Eye Hash

Yeast Rolls
Before Rising

Yeast Rolls Rising

Yeast Rolls Backed
With Roast Garlic
Dutch Oven
Yeast Rolls

Yeast Roll
Perfect Underside
More Details on
Cee Dub

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