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BBQ Secrets

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BBQ Do's BBQ Don'ts
Use a dry rub
for no more than 2 hours before cooking
Don't use Lighter Fluid
Cook Low & Slow or Indirect Don't use match light charcoal
Use the oven if your grill won't cook
low and slow to finish after
getting a nice crust
Don't boil your meat
(you are making stock and the flavor is in the water)
Marinate for flavor Don't put sauce on the meat Before Cooking
Use a light coat of mustard
under the rub on Beef & Pork
Don't guess if the meat is done, use a thermometer
Use a charcoal chimney Don't tell people burnt is perfect caramelization
Sauce only for the last 15-30
Don't Cook Tofu
Use an internal thermometer
for food safety
Don't eelieve that there is only one way to
cook great BBQ, there are many good methods

 The 3 C's of how to cook BBQ

  • Flavor Control

  • Temperature Control

  • Quality Control

We cover all three in great detail in our Class, Book & DVD.

Indirect Heat The Secret to not burning your BBQ

The secret of not burning your barbecue is to not put the meat directly over the flames.  The exception to this rule is if you can control the height above the heat.  Raised high enough above the fire you can still cook great bbq.  Raising the meat not a feature of most BBQ cookers.

How to Indirect BBQ
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How to BBQ Ribs so they are falling off the bone tender

The secret of how to barbecue ribs until they are falling of the bone tender is foil.  Cook the ribs until they have a nice crust. Wrap in foil with a little apple juice and cook to 200f internal temp.  They will be cooked and falling apart tender.  If you want to sauce your ribs roll back the foil but leave it under the rack for support, sauce and put back with indirect heat for 15 minutes.

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